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Tips to Make Homework Time Easier

Students not wanting to do homework is nothing new, but if your child really has a hard time getting their homework done regularly, you may need to find new ways to keep them motivated. Below are some tips that can help your child complete their homework more...

Some of the Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Many people decide to learn a new language because they want to travel or because they've heard it'll look good on their resume. While this may be true, there are even more benefits associated with learning a foreign language. To learn more...

Fun Summer Field Trips for Students

Summer break can feel long and never-ending for students who don't have much planned for their summer days. If your child is bored at home, help them break this boredom by taking them on some fun and educational summer field trips. Not sure where to go? Below...

Help Your High School Student Make the Most of Their Summer Break

Another summer break means your high school student is one year closer to graduation. While this may be very exciting, it can also take quite a bit of work to get those college applications ready and sent. Since summer tends to be...

Writing Tips for Elementary School Students

Elementary school students who are just learning to write may not be able to write a five-paragraph essay yet, but this doesn't mean they shouldn't start practicing. To help your young learner develop great writing skills and a love for the subject...

How to Prepare for a Standardized Test

Most people would rather not have to take a single standardized test in their entire life, but this just isn't a reality. In fact, for most students, there is no escaping standardized tests. From yearly state testing to college entrance exams, your child...

Help Your Child Become a Better Reader

If your child shows signs of struggle when it comes to reading, make time to practice their skills at home. Reading is extremely important because it is necessary for every other school subject. To ensure your child excels in this subject and is able to do...

Ensure Your Child Gets Plenty of Rest Every Day

Students often lose out on sleep because they're busy doing homework or studying for important exams. However, sleep may be more important than all this last minute cramming. To learn more about why sleep is so important for students, keep...

Academic Goals for the New Year

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to encourage your child to start fresh and set goals for the remainder of the school year. Help your child come up with some resolutions they can turn into lifelong habits for success. Below are some examples of...

How Your Child Can Benefit From Math Tutoring

Math struggles may not be uncommon for many students, but when these struggles really start to affect their abilities to complete their work or understand their lessons, it may be time to enroll them in tutoring. If you're not sure what your child may...


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