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How to Prepare for a Standardized Test

Most people would rather not have to take a single standardized test in their entire life, but this just isn't a reality. In fact, for most students, there is no escaping standardized tests. From yearly state testing to college entrance exams, your child will likely come across them a number of times during their academic career. To help them be better prepared for these, use these tips.

Know What to Study

Knowing what will be covered on the test will allow your child to study for it more effectively. In fact, they can break down these lessons into smaller chunks and tackle each one in different, daily study sessions. Not only will they be better prepared for the test, they will also avoid the stress that comes with procrastinating and cramming.

Understand the Test Format

Standardized tests can cause quite a bit of stress that limits a child's performance. To overcome this stress, teach your child some test-taking techniques to make it al less intimidating. For example, teach them to identify keywords in the directions and in the questions that will make finding the answer easier. Encourage them to answer the easy questions first and leave the harder ones for last. Also, if there's no penalty for wrong answers, they should answer every question even if they don't know the right answer.

Get Rid of Test Related Stress

Test-taking anxiety can cause many students to perform below their abilities. To help your child relax, remind them that it's just a test. State tests often don't impact a student's grades and tests like the SAT can be taken multiple times. It may also help your child to practice relaxation techniques that will help them regain their focus when stress starts to take over.

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