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Help Your High School Student Make the Most of Their Summer Break

Another summer break means your high school student is one year closer to graduation. While this may be very exciting, it can also take quite a bit of work to get those college applications ready and sent. Since summer tends to be less stressful than the school year, encourage your child to use this time to get some college preparations taken care of.

Prepare for the SAT

With classes out of the way during summer, encourage your child to use their free time to study for college entrance exams. They can enroll in summer tutoring classes that focus on test prep so that they can reach their best score. The best part is they won't have to worry about preparing for these exams while they have classes to study for.

Make College Plans

Choosing a major, deciding what schools to apply to, figuring out scholarships, and understanding entrance requirements can get quite overwhelming. Your child may have an easier time sorting through all of this during summer when they don't have classes to worry about. Set a goal to have as much as this figured out during the summer so it's less stressful during the school year.

Get Real World Experience

Finally, your child can really benefit from gaining real-world experience over the summer. A summer internship can get them closer to their dream career and may even introduce them to a mentor that can help along the way. A summer job is also a great option that can teach your child about responsibility and money management.

Tutoring in Powell OH

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