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Help Your Child Become a Better Reader

If your child shows signs of struggle when it comes to reading, make time to practice their skills at home. Reading is extremely important because it is necessary for every other school subject. To ensure your child excels in this subject and is able to do well in the rest, use these tips.

Practice Oral Reading Skills

If your child struggles with oral reading, they may grow to hate reading altogether. Students who struggle with this skill dread having to read in front of others and may avoid reading completely. Help your child strengthen their oral reading skills at home by taking the time to practice with them. Take turns reading aloud to each other and make it a fun activity. Try using different voices for each character or act out what is going on in the book. These types of fun activities can help them strengthen their skills and really start to enjoy reading.

Show Interest in What They're Reading

Whether your child is reading a textbook or a novel, ask them about their reading material. Asking specific questions about their reading material can help them review it while also letting you know how good their reading comprehension skills are.

Consider Reading Tutoring

If your child is showing signs of a struggle when it comes to reading, looking for additional resources or extra support can make a huge difference. Tutoring programs focused on reading are a great way to go in order to get your child on the right track.

Reading Tutoring in Powell OH

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