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Writing Tips for Elementary School Students

Elementary school students who are just learning to write may not be able to write a five-paragraph essay yet, but this doesn't mean they shouldn't start practicing. To help your young learner develop great writing skills and a love for the subject check out the following writing tips.

Make Time to Write

Your child may be asked to write in class or for homework assignments, but this isn't enough practice. Make time to practice writing at home daily so that it becomes part of your child's routine. Practicing these skills daily will not only strengthen their writing skills, it can also increase their academic confidence and love for the subject.

Incorporate Technology

Children love anything that has to do with technology, so why not incorporate it into their writing activities? Look for apps made to encourage children to practice writing or games that include writing practice. Writing emails, creating a blog, or even submitting short stories to online magazines can all help your child practice their writing while interacting with technology.

Encourage Different Types of Writing

If your child associates writing with school, they may grow to dislike it. Before they have a chance to do so, help them explore different types of writing. Consider giving your child a journal where they can write about whatever they like without having to worry about anyone checking their work. They can also write letters to friends, make shopping lists, and try creative writing.

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